Amanda Moncur Salon

Our Story

I am a third generation hair stylist who grew up watching my mother and grandmother do hair. I never wanted to do hair until my first year of middle school. At the time I had switched schools and was the “new kid”. I was trying to fit in with kids that had been going to school with each other since kindergarten. I felt like kids were not being kindest to me, so my Mom took me to have a girls day at the salon. I got my hair cut, and when I left I felt beautiful! I got lots of compliments and finally felt like I fit in. I chose to do hair because I want to make other people feel the same way. You never know what people might be going through and I want to be able to be a light in peoples lives through doing hair.

I started hair school at Paul Mitchell the School SLC when I was 16 years old. After I graduated, I hopped around trying to find the perfect salon for me. Then one day, my Dad asked me if I wanted to open a salon of my own and make the industry a better place; a place I myself was looking for. My answer was YES!

I opened the salon at the age of 19 years old and I never looked back! The salon has now been open for 5+ years. I have had amazing mentors including Tina Black, Goldman Sachs Small Business School, John C. Maxwell Team, Gary Spellman and many more! My goal is to be a forever student in hopes that I can make this world a better place one hair strand at at time!