Amanda Moncur Salon

Amanda Moncur is standing inside her salon, Amanda Moncur Salon
Our Story

As the owner and founder, Amanda Moncur, she has created a luxury salon experience where guest satisfaction and teamwork prevail. Amanda is a New York Fashion Week Artist, Master Hair Extension Specialist, and Blonding Specialist. Her talents have been showcased in This Time Magazine and Utah's Top 30 Stylists in Soeleish SLC Magazine.

Amanda’s hair has always been thinner and never reached the length she sought. When she got hair extensions for the first time, she remembers looking in the mirror and seeing the woman she envisioned herself to be all along. Amanda chose to do hairdressing because she wanted to help others feel the same way. Amanda wanted a transformative experience while her guests were in the chair. Amanda’s desire to deliver the client's vision of their hair keeps her always striving for the next best technology and techniques.

Amanda Moncur Salon delivers a consistent luxurious and efficient guest experience through teamwork. Each guest will get to know other team members during the process of their service. Amanda Moncur Salon is a welcoming environment where every client is a guest to all. Amanda has built an incredible education system for her stylists to be able to collaborate to create the best outcome for the guests.