Become a stylist at the Amanda Moncur Salon though our assistant program.
Our assistant program is valued at $15,000 with includes education and training but comes at no cost to team members.
You will go through 3 phases of training. Beginning with intermediate hair techniques and ending with advanced techniques. During your assistant program you will work closely with our stylists to wash, color & style hair. You will even have the opportunity to become Amanda’s personal assistant and learn all things extensions. All assistants are on the career path to become a stylist. We believe in creating a uplifting, inspiring, and motivational environment for hairstylists to work. We come to work to serve each other and our guests. We work as a team to accomplish each service.

Our team is a very close salon family, that means not only will you gain co-workers but life long friends. We believe in being ambitious and helping to push each other to the top. We care about developing you into the best hairstylist and person you can be! We exist to elevate our industry to hair dressing mastery. We are a culture of education. We believe that failure is the opportunity to learn, we celebrate failure because it means we have the opportunity to grow and collaborate with others to learn. We value originality because no one else can be you! We believe each team member brings unique skills to our team and thats what makes our team great. Join our team for the career opportunity of a life time!

  • How to be a great assistant
  • Styling
  • Blowdrying
  • Toning & top coating
  • Hair treatments
  • Color tecnhiques
  • Blonding techniques
  • Short hair cutting
  • Long hair cutting
  • Mens cutting
  • Color theory
  • How to make 1,000 a day or more as a stylist
  • Formulation
  • Advanced Blonding
  • Direct dyes
  • Balayage techniques
  • Up styling
  • Extensions
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