At home Extension care

Learn about what you can do to care for and maintain your hair extensions

At home care is the most important And can make the biggest difference in your hair.


When brushing any extensions start at the bottom of the hair and work your way up.

Always use a boar Bristle brush or wet brush when wet.

Brushing extensions before washing them will make less tangling when washing.

Always make sure to brush in between the rows.

There may be some shedding. It is normal & natural for hair to shed.


Wash in a Z formation and not circles.

Do not ever shampoo your ends or ball up your extensions while washing.

Avoid using overly warm water- this opens the cuticle too far and can create more tangling.

Shampoo should be recommended by Your stylist only, Sulfate free & Paraben free

Make sure all the shampoo is rinsed by separating the extensions.

Conditioner should be only recommended by Your stylist. Should be sulfate free & Paraben free

Conditioner should be applied from the mid-shaft down keeping it very far away from the extension attachment points.

Make sure the conditioner is rinsed completely to avoid tangling.

Guests should wait at least 3 days in between washing. We encourage to go as long as you can. We recommend using The Paul Mitchell Dry wash to help extend washes.

If any drug store shampoo & conditioner is used expect to need new hair a lot sooner & for it to be very dry. It is best to use recommended shampoo & conditioner for best results. Wash your hair less if you can


Towel dry & air dry for at least 15 min before blowdrying.

Always put in a leave in conditioner before brushing out wet extensions.

Wet extensions need to be brushed very gently this is when they are most prone to breakage.

Always apply a heat protectant. We recommend neuro reshape to protect against the blowdryer.

The type of blowdryer really matters because if it is a store bought and not professional it will take a long time to dry & it will fry the outer cuticle from the amount of time it will have to be dried.

The bonds have to be 100% dried. It is ok to air dry the ends. Do not sleep on the hair if it is not 100% of the way dry. If the hair feels cold then it is not dry.

We recommend using super skinny & fast form to help speed up blow-dry timing

We recommend sculpting foam for your roots to help your style last longer.

It make take a lot longer then when you didn’t have extensions. Using your blowdryer air concentrator and your extension brush can help speed up the process.


Hair extensions are safe to use styling tools on, the attachment point just needs to be avoided.  

Extensions should be styled with thermal protectant. We recommend the Marla rare oil dry mist or the protect or the olaplaex oil.

Extensions should be styled using 360 Degrees With a professional tool. If it is not professional we recommend using a low heat.

Extensions hold their style for a long time. This means you may not have to style your hair as much. That means you can set your hair once and forget it the rest of the week. With a few touch ups.  


Can only be professional and recommended by us.

If something is used outside of our recommendation it voids the warranty


Brush hair before going to bed

Do not go to bed with wet hair ever.

Braid you're extensions into two side braids before sleeping. This will ensure minimal movement on your scalp while sleeping and minimize tangling from sleeping.

If you do not braid your hair when sleeping expect lots of tangles. Long hair needs to be protected when you sleep. The first few nights of having extensions expect sleeping to be a little different. You may need to sleep in a slightly different position.


add fresh water to your extensions first then small amount of leave in conditioner before going into a pool.

Salt water is not recommended. It will decrease the life-span of your extensions significantly.

Once finished swimming rinse the extensions with fresh water and re apply leave in conditioner.


Do not color you're extensions at home. This will void your warranty and most likely they will be spotty.

Sunscreen/Self Tanner:

when applying sunscreen or self tanner make sure your hair is up and there is no chance of it coming into contact. This will severely discolor your extensions.

Use of mineral based sunscreens will help lessen discoloration.

WBR Extensions

When BRUSHING: Make sure to brush under your weft really well. Be sure to not get too aggressive near the thread.

SALON VISITS: This method requires move ups every 6 weeks. It is normal for it to all grow out consistently. It is ok for it to not be snug on your scalp like the initial install.

When WASHING: The first time washing your wefts will feel tight and heavy. After the first wash you shouldn’t notice it as dramatically any more.

When DRYING:Make sure to get the entire track dried before moving on to the ends. If it feels cold it is it is not dry. Hair extensions must be 100% dried every time they get wet. When not dried, they will begin to slip out, mold & tangle at the top.

When SLEEPING: it may be uncomfortable the first few nights. Make sure the weft is secured tightly to your head when sleeping with a satin scrunchies.

DON’T: Sleep with it wet. Do not apply any silicone or oils at the attachment

When DRYING: do not blow the air up into the extension hair. It will create a tangle. Only blow-dry the hair with the dryer facing down.

Tape Ins:

They are sealing for the next 24 hours, that means they can not be washed or have excessive sweating in the next 24 hours after installing or reinstalling.

DRYING: Hair extensions must be 100% dried every time they get wet. When not dried, they will begin to slip out, mold & tangle at the top.

Do not apply heat at the point of attachments, do not heat the Tape ins together.

Do not apply any silicone or oils at the attachment

Do not brush aggressively when wet, it may cause them to slip.


It is 100% normal for this type of extension to fall out over time. These are not Able to re-attach. We can add in new ones to replace. This method does not need a move up.

Expect the brushing to feel scary, It is necessary to brush harder then you think on your scalp, in order to avoid dreading

Never sleep with these wet.


It is 100% normal for this type of extension to fall out over time. These are Able to re-attach Please Bring it to your next appointment. This method does need a move up every 6 weeks and a reinstallation every 12 weeks.

Do brush in between the rows

Never sleep with these wet.

Do not apply silicones or oils at the point of attachment.