Amanda Moncur's Favorite hair products

Amanda Moncur's Favorite hair products

January 24, 2024

Hey Guys I wanted to share with you my favorite products for different types of hair and why. I hope you can resonate with a hair challenge listed below and find the right product for you to help. Use the links below to find the products easily and use code: Amanda10 for 10% off at check out

For Dull hair: If your hair is dull and lacks shine you will love the Awapuhi shine spray. It's a light weight mist that you can use before or after heat styling.

If your color never stays vibrant enough or if your blonde becomes brassy quickly: Then you will love the color craft. It is a custom tinted hydration mask to add some pigment or to slightly tone your hair at home in between visits. Its important to note this is not meant to be in replacement of getting your hair colored, it will just help the color you already have last a little longer.

For thick hair that takes forever to dry: Super skinny is the one for you! It will speed up your blowdry time like never before! Plus adds shine, reduces frizz and makes it feel softer.

For all The styling queens: Who says you have to go a day with out heat styling your hair? obviously that person hasn't met protect! Protect is a spray on thermal protectant. it will reduce the rate of heat transfer leaving your hair healthier then ever after styling.

For all the Blondes always asking to be blonder: Forever blonde Shampoo, Conditioner, and dramatic repair is a must for you. The technology in all of them drives the moisture and protein deeper into your hair making it stronger so it doesn't break. It will also make it way less tangly and way more manageable to brush and style.

Forever blonde
Super skinny
Color Craft
Awapuhi shine spray