Ash's favorite hair products

Ash's favorite hair products

January 24, 2024

Check out 10 of Ash's favorite products

Hey guys here are all my favorite go to products. Click the links below to order use code: Ash10 to get a 10% discount at check out

1. Super skinny

I love that it speeds up drying time, especially now that I have long hair. I love running it through my hair after styling and hair spraying it so my hair still has great movement and doesn't feel sticky from the hairspray.

2. Olaplex no 7.

This is super great since I have blonde hair that I use heat on a lot. It keeps my hair healthy, and fights against breakage. This stuff is magic!

3. Hot off the press

This product smells SO GOOD. It goes on super smooth, and protects my hair from thermal damage. This is one I use every day.

4. Dry wash

This is the best dry shampoo I've ever used. It doesn't leave any residue at all, smells great, and really removes grease from the hair. My hair always feels and looks like it was just washed, even if it's been days since I last washed it.

5. Neuro prime

I use this whenever I blow-dry my hair to protect it from the heat. It works great, and always leaves my hair feeling nice and soft after I dry it.

6. Extra body hairspray

This spray has a perfect amount of hold! I use it every day to tame my fly aways and keep my style in place. It seriously holds my curls for days!

7. Platinum blonde shampoo

This shampoo is perfect for blondes! It keeps my hair toned to the shade I want it to be so I don't get any weird yellow before I get my hair done next.

8. Tea tree special color conditioner

This is so great for keeping my hair nice and moisturized, while maintaining my chosen color. My hair always feels nice and soft after using it!

9. Extra body daily boost

This is great for those of us who need a little extra volume! My hair is very fine, so I can use all the help I can get. This adds a good amount of volume and gives your hair really good movement.

10. Lemon sage thickening spray

This is so great for adding volume and thickness to my fine hair! I love how it smells, too.