January 16, 2020

What is it? And why all the rage?

What is balayage? And why is it all the rage?

Balayage means hand paint. Balayage is a French word. It literally means to hand paint.

Balayage became popular in the United States during the Recession. Originally it was just a few pieces by the face that would be painted to help us get by those in-between long periods of not coloring your hair. When the economy went down, so did the amount of money spent in salons. The balayage was born out of necessity. Women needed their hair colored but could no longer afford to color all of their hair.

Now balayage is the trend but women want it all over and not just by their face.

Some of the benefits to a balayage are that your roots look intentional when they grow out. There isn’t a line from where the color starts and stops. Balayage can also be very dimensional.

The down side to balayage is that your color won’t be as bright. Since balayage is a hand painted technique and it typically is a open air process, it won’t get as light as a typical highlight would. Balayage is also not meant to go all the way to the scalp. So if you don’t like seeing your roots, balayage is not for you.