Check Out Our Newest Scalp Treatment!

Check Out Our Newest Scalp Treatment!

February 28, 2023

Ready to treat yourself to the most luxurious scalp treatment on the market? Your scalp (and your hair!) will thank you!

Nowadays, scalp care is more important than ever. We understand that a healthy scalp is the key to healthy, long hair. If you’re feeling stuck in your hair journey, a scalp treatment might be just the thing you need! Read on to learn more about our newest scalp treatment, and the benefits of a healthy scalp.

Meet the latest in scalp care technology: Paul Mitchell’s new Tea Tree Special Detox Foaming Salt Scrub and Kombucha Rinse. Designed to clarify, soothe, and reset, this new treatment will make you feel like a million bucks! Formulated with curated ingredients carefully selected for their skin-balancing properties, these hardworking products help to exfoliate away dead skin, remove buildup and balance oil—so your scalp is left feeling soothed, refreshed and better than ever.

There are two steps to this treatment, and the first is the Foaming Salt Scrub, which is clinically proven to exfoliate and remove dry skin and buildup after just one use! Instantly buff away impurities with this rich foaming scrub. An antioxidant-rich blend of volcanic ash, Himalayan pink salt and French green clay exfoliates the scalp to eliminate product buildup, dead skin flakes and excess oils, and leaves the scalp feeling smooth, refreshed and renewed.

The next step is the Kombucha Rinse, which is clinically proven to remove 74% of scalp buildup after just one use! Give your hair and scalp a total reset. This clarifying rinse exfoliates and removes buildup with a probiotic-rich blend of kombucha and apple cider vinegar, and leaves your hair polished and your scalp feeling soothed, clean and refreshed with an invigorating fresh scent.

On top of all the amazing health benefits of this treatment, it’s incredibly soothing and relaxing. In my book, anything that’s good for me and also a good time is worth it! This treatment is ideal for all hair types, and is excellent for anyone who has a lot of buildup or dry skin on their scalp, or anyone just looking for a relaxing spa day at the salon! A healthy scalp is proven to promote healthy hair growth, so if you’re struggling to grow your hair out, this could be a great place to start.

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