Creating the Perfect Wave

Creating the Perfect Wave

January 24, 2024

Step by step how to create the perfect wave in your hair

Perfect waves

Creating the perfect wave comes down to your tools at Home. Ever wonder why your hair stylist can curl your hair so quick and have it last way longer in your hair? Or how it always looks so great when they do your hair but never the same at home?

This is how your stylist is set up for success with the perfect waves:

  1. They have a professional curling iron that regulates its heat
  2. They use a thermal protectant to protect your hair from damage and it also helps your hair style.
  3. They Curl the hair consistently. If you choose to do it all in on direction then stick with it. If you choose to alternate the directions of the curls then stick with that.
  4. They let the curls cool before changing or messing with the style
  5. They use a hairspray to keep them in place.

I have linked all the products I recommend to create your perfect wave, simply click the word and it will take you to the only store.

Watch this video to see how we created the perfect waves.