Do you want to go blonde?

Do you want to go blonde?

January 24, 2024

What to do to prepare for going blonde.

Do you want to go blonde for this summer season?

Tis the season to be blonde! With summer right around the corner, blonde is all the rage! Sunny blonde, ashy blonde, white blonde, and even strawberry blonde

Which ever one you want, we know how important it is to get your blonde perfect every time. The thing is, that going blonde takes time and there are lots of factors that go into blonding. We all want to be happy with the end result. Speaking of end result, don’t forget to factor in your hairs health as the most important part of the outcome. Here are some things to consider before going blonde.

  1. How light your natural color is:

Yes! This matters so much! Your natural color determines how blonde you can be and how quickly. If your natural is very dark(almost black), you can still be blonde but it will take up to five sessions for blonding because your hair naturally has more pigment. If you are a medium brown is may take up to three times of blonding because your hair has a little less pigment. If you are almost blonde already it could take one to two times depending on how blonde you want to be, because your hair has the least amount of natural pigment. If you want to be warm and buttery It will take less times of lightening if you want to be cool or ashy it will take more times of lightening to get your desired results.

2. What type of color is already on your hair:

Do not use box color, I repeat no box color.

Box color=unpredictable results!

A box color is a one size fits all type of color. That box does not know if you have blonde or dark hair, fine or coarse hair, already damaged or perfectly healthy hair. The box color is formulated to one size fits all, professional color is not. When you have box color on your hair and ask a salon to create blonde in your hair, they will most likely ask “when is the last time you colored your hair?” Tell them when and what you used. Box color never washes out. Do not tell them that you haven’t colored your hair because its been months, its STILL in there! Its much better to get it out in the open so your stylist can figure out the best way to color your hair. Now if you have colored your hair professionally and want to go blonde, know it will still take time. The difference is way less damage to your hair in the long run and you will get your blonde result quicker. With box color you will have quite a few surprises along the way.

3. What products you currently use at home:

Shampoo and conditioner is 80% of your hairs health. If your using store bought or something not recommended for your hair by a professional stylist, chances are your not experiencing maximum health for your hair. What you continue using at home will also effect how light stylists can get your hair. BECAUSE if your hairs health has gone downhill and the stylist thinks it will greatly effect your hair to lighten it again, the stylist won’t do it. And trust me, don’t push them. You may be happy with the shade of blonde but you won’t be happy when you wash your hair and it starts to fall out. Ask a professional what you should start using to prep for your blonde journey.

In closing listen to the professionals about your blonde. We want to give you what you want. Sometimes its not possible but sometimes it is. We always want to do whats best for your hair and to give you the color you want most. Keep all of these things in mind when going blonde! Be the dream guest that has never box colored their hair and already uses professional products on their hair! This will set you up for the blonde you want!