How To Become an Extension VIP

How To Become an Extension VIP

January 24, 2024

Have you always wanted to have hair like a celebrity? Is the hair of your dreams longer and thicker than what your scalp will grow? Well, extensions might be exactly what you never knew you needed! 

Have you always wanted to have hair like a celebrity?  Is the hair of your dreams longer and thicker than what your scalp will grow? Well, extensions might be exactly what you never knew you needed! 

When installed properly by a licensed professional, hair extensions are a healthy, non-damaging way to lengthen and/or thicken your hair without having to spend your time and money on holistic hair remedies that are unproven and may not work. As someone with very fine, thin, and short hair, I can tell you that I’ve tried just about every supplement and oil that there is to try and make my hair longer and thicker, with not much to show for it. 

So, where did I turn from there? Extensions, of course! I had been a guest of the salon for years before I finally decided to bite the bullet and try extensions. My stylist (Amanda) had recommended them to me each time I sat in her chair, but I always talked myself out of it, telling myself that it was too big of an expense, or that I wasn’t skilled enough at taking care of my hair to be able to add more on. But now, after having worn extensions for over two years, I can confidently tell you that the investment is well worth it, and that I’ll never be going back. If only I had listened to Amanda sooner! 

Extensions changed the way I saw myself! Suddenly, I was that girl. The girl with the long, thick, gorgeous hair. I had never been that girl before! I never thought I could be her! Yet there she was, staring right back at me from the other side of the mirror. My hair had always been something that made me self-conscious. I was always worried about what it looked like, and how flat it was laying on my head. Suddenly, that was the least of my worries, and that felt good. 

I’m here to tell you that you can feel beautiful inside and out, regardless of what your natural hair looks like. But how can you get started? 

The Consultation

You’ll want to start with an extension consultation with our extension expert, Amanda. She’s been perfecting her extension skills for over ten years, and is certified in several different methods. Amanda specializes in customizing the color and installation method of the extensions to match not only your hair goals, but your lifestyle. She can mix and match different methods to give you exactly the look you’re needing, while maintaining your hair’s overall health. 

During your consultation, you’ll be asked a series of questions designed to ascertain the sort of lifestyle you want to lead when it comes to your hair. Do you mind spending time blow-drying and styling your hair, or would you rather let it air-dry? Do you work out a lot? How often do you wash your hair? Do you like to wear it up in a ponytail or a messy bun? Each of these questions is important in determining the perfect extension fit for you.

At the end of your consultation, you’ll be color matched to the perfect shade, and given a series of recommendations. Amanda will let you know which extension will be best for you, and the exact pricing and care regimen that goes along with it, so you’ll never have to guess when it comes to taking care of your new hair. From there, we order in your hair and set your installation appointment!

The Install

The day has finally arrived—new hair day! You’ve been anxiously awaiting this exciting day, and can’t wait to get to the salon. Upon your arrival, you’re offered a beverage and escorted to the robe room to get into a robe. You can’t wait to get started! Once your stylist has taken a series of “before” photos, it’s time to get started.

If you’re scheduled for a color service, you’ll be ushered to the color bar, where our team of stylists will work on glamifying your hair from roots to ends to match your extensions perfectly. Once your hair has been colored, washed, and blow-dried, it’s time for the installation! 

During your installation, your stylist will give you your hair bible. (Sounds scary, but it’s just a sheet of paper with all of your aftercare instructions!) Your stylist will then carefully go over each of the after care instructions with you, to make sure you’re as confident as you can be when it comes to taking care of your investment. This is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have thought of! 

After Photos

Your hair has been installed—and you look (and feel) beautiful! Now that your new hair is on your head, our team of stylists will style your hair based on your preference, showing you exactly how to recreate the look at home with your new hair. Curling your hair with extensions is a whole other ballgame, but by the end of your style session, you’ll be ready to take on any style! 

Now that you’re looking and feeling glamorous, it’s time to commemorate the occasion with a photo session! You’ll be escorted to the area of the salon with the best lighting, and guided through a series of “after” photos that show off just how gorgeous you are. You can request a copy of any and all of these photos to share with your friends and family on social media—who wouldn’t want to show off all that hair? 

And then you’re on your way! You can strut out of the salon feeling more confident than you’ve ever felt. You can take on the world! 

How to Become a VIP 

Does this sound like the exact experience that you want (and deserve)? Well then look no further than our Extension VIP Program! With this program, you can utilize the convenience of a flat monthly fee after an initial deposit, which includes the cost of your hair, six months of extension maintenance, six months of cuts and colors, plus needed extension-safe hair products and luxury treatments! You won’t have to worry about anything—even the tip is included! All you have to do is arrive at the salon ready to be pampered, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

To get signed up, all you have to do is call the salon at 801-441-6666 and book your extension consultation! Become the you you want to see in the mirror!