Madelyn's Favorite Products

Madelyn's Favorite Products

March 2, 2023

Check out 10 of Madelyn's favorite products

1. Favorite for blondes- Forever blonde shampoo and conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner duo is my favorite for my hair because it’s blonde. Having blonde hair is absolutely beautiful but we need more protein, the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and are fantastic for strengthening your hair

2. Favorite for dry hair- lavender mint mask
this mask saves me from having dry brittle hair. With Utah being so dry and weather fluctuating all the time this mask will help put that moisture back into your hair!

3. Favorite for dirty hair- dry wash

this is my ultimate favorite dry shampoo! It’s super lightweight, smells amazing, and leaves your hair with no dry shampoo residue!

4. Favorite for volume- Lemon sage thickening spray

This spray is absolutely incredible for adding volume and thickness to your hair! The coolest thing about this product is it works if you blow dry or air dry!

5. Favorite for colored hair- Awapuhi moisture shampoo and keratin cream rinse

This shampoo and conditioner is amazing for every hair type! It gives you moisture as well as strength. It smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling even more amazing!

6. Favorite for brittle and freaking hair- keratin deep conditioner

do you feel like A couple weeks after your hair appointment your hair starts to feel dry and brittle? This is an at home treatment you can do yourself! Use this once a week in place of your conditioner, leave it in for a long time or a short time, whatever you have time for.

7. Favorite for curly hair- lavender mint shampoo and conditioner

curly hair needs moisture more than anyone! Do you feel like your curls are always frizzy and dry feeling? Try this amazing shampoo and conditioner. They are packed with moisture and it smells so relaxing!

8.Favorite for heat protection-Neuro reshape
I use this product every time I blow dry my hair to protect my hair from the heat. It smells incredible and it leaves my hair feeling so soft and healthy.

9.Favorite for thermal-Neuro protect

every time I touch any sort of iron tool to my hair I use this product! It is so extremely important to protect your hair from thermal damage. You will want to wear it as perfume because it smells so good!

10.Favorite for volume- Invisible wear pump me up

-This is a powder volumizer. I use this every time I style my hair to give myself volume at my roots. This is completely weightless and smells amazing. You won’t even know it’s in your hair!