Transform Your Hair with Milbon Treatments at Amanda Moncur Salon | Luxurious Hair Care Solutions

Transform Your Hair with Milbon Treatments at Amanda Moncur Salon | Luxurious Hair Care Solutions

July 3, 2024

Discover the transformative power of Milbon treatments at Amanda Moncur Salon. Our Reawaken, Moisture, and Repair treatments rejuvenate, hydrate, and repair your hair, delivering luxurious, salon-quality results. Keep reading to learn more!

Introducing Milbon's Signature Hair Treatments at Amanda Moncur Salon

At Amanda Moncur Salon, we're thrilled to announce the addition of Milbon's luxurious hair treatments to our repertoire. Known for their innovative formulations and outstanding results, Milbon treatments offer a transformative experience for your hair. We are now offering three exclusive treatments: Reawaken, Moisture, and Repair, each designed to address specific hair concerns and deliver unparalleled results.

Reawaken: Revitalize Your Locks

Is your hair becoming more dry and losing its youthful strength? The Reawaken treatment is your go-to solution. As hair ages, it undergoes structural changes that make it dry, wiry, and less manageable. This treatment works to rejuvenate your hair's appearance and manageability by restoring shine and hydration. It’s perfect for those looking to bring back the youthful glow and manageability of their hair.


  • Enhances shine and hydration
  • Restores youthful appearance
  • Improves manageability

Moisture: Revitalize Your Hair

If your hair feels dry, tangled, or experiences quick color fade, the Moisture treatment is ideal. Repeated color treatments, heat styling, and environmental factors can compromise your hair’s ability to retain moisture. The Moisture treatment boosts your hair’s inner power to retain moisture, ensuring improved hydration and color vibrancy.


  • Retains moisture
  • Enhances color vibrancy
  • Improves overall hydration

Repair: Intensive Reconstruction

For hair that is severely damaged and over-processed, the Repair treatment offers intensive reconstruction. Featuring Dual-Repair Technology with SSVR-Silk and CMADK, this treatment rebuilds and strengthens hair from within. It’s designed to restore elasticity, resilience, and provide protection against future damage.


  • Reconstructs severely damaged hair
  • Restores elasticity and resilience
  • Provides long-lasting protection

Take-Home Boosters for Extended Benefits

To extend the benefits of these treatments, each service includes a take-home booster. This booster is used weekly to maintain the results of your in-salon treatment. By following the aftercare instructions provided, you can enjoy long-lasting benefits and keep your hair looking its best.

Usage Instructions:

  • Frequency: Use 1 vial per week for four weeks.
  • Replace Conditioner: Use the booster in place of your regular conditioner.
  • Application: After shampooing, massage the booster into wet hair from mid-length to ends. Leave it on for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Experience the Milbon Difference

At Amanda Moncur Salon, we believe in offering our clients the best in hair care. Milbon’s treatments are a testament to this commitment, providing scientifically advanced solutions for all hair types and concerns. Whether you need to reawaken, moisturize, or repair your hair, our Milbon treatments are here to help.

Indulge in the luxury of hair that feels incredibly soft, silky, and rejuvenated. Imagine running your fingers through your hair and feeling a smooth, velvety texture that’s full of life and vitality. With Milbon treatments, your hair will not only look stunning but will feel deeply nourished and resilient.

We invite you to book an appointment and experience the transformative power of Milbon. Our stylists are trained to customize these treatments to your hair's unique needs, ensuring you leave our salon with healthier, more beautiful hair.