Quarantine curls with Lala

Quarantine curls with Lala

April 22, 2020

How to get your best curls in quarantine!

Lala here to talk about ways to make your curls even better with all this time we’ve got to be productive!

My hair has never looked better, at least my curls, let’s not talk about my roots right now, that’s what hats are for. Heres how……

My curly hair routine:

So as many people know, or don’t, curly hair does better when you can go longer periods of time without washing it, this allows for your curls to moisturize themselves with your scalp natural oils.

I have a very interesting hair routine, I only brush my hair before I wash it and I switch between three different shampoos each time I wash

My shampoos:

I do this because I’ve found my hair gets used to shampoos very easily which can cause them to break down my curls. I have fine curly hair so my curls are more fragile than if you were to compare to course curly hair.

I’ve found that I can use the same conditioner, so its really just up to what I’m in the mood for that day. I have all three of the matching conditioners. They all add hydration. I use the Marula when I need extra moisture added into my hair.

Post wash I like to use:

After I have applied these three products I like to let my hair air dry while occasionally scrunching it. When It’s almost completely dry, I use a diffuser on my roots to add more volume!

For second or third day curls:

I like to use the boomerang restyling mist. I spray this all over and scrunch my hair and wait until it’s dry to decide if I need more product. This product helps to refresh your curls and re add volume. This will tame frizz and re-curl the crazy ones.

Sometimes I even use it on first day hair if there’s a curl I want to re-curl.

I would recommend this routine/products for any one who has fine/medium-wavy/curly hair!

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