Reasons we love our team-based salon!

Reasons we love our team-based salon!

July 29, 2022

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Today many salons operate as booth rentals. At the Amanda Moncur Salon we are team based. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Positive Environment and Team Collaboration

Having a team-based structure is amazing because of the way our team members work together. Instead of competing with each other, our team members work together to ensure that our guests achieve their hair dreams. Team collaboration doesn’t only make our guests’ experience amazing, it is also a fun and positive environment to work and be in!

  1. Paid Education

At the Amanda Moncur Salon we are always working to keep up with the latest hair and beauty trends. We believe in continuing our education to ensure that our guests have the highest quality experience and hair possible! Our stylists and assistants are passionate about hair, so they are constantly taking classes about how they can better themselves as stylists and people. Due to our commitment to education and bettering ourselves, we take a full day out of every week to close our salon to the public and come in for a paid education day. On this day we often have guest educators come in to educate our stylists on a different way of doing hair that we’re used to in order to expand our hair knowledge! The salon also pays for stylists to get all of their certifications including the full Bellami hair extension certification in all four install methods.

  1. Supplies provided, advanced coaches, health insurance, and much more!

As a stylist at the Amanda Moncur Salon, you can expect everything you need, other than personal hair cutting tools, to be provided to you at no cost! The salon provides our stylists with color, developer, hot tools, and everything else to maintain our team-based culture. Not only will you be provided with all of these, but you will also receive advanced coaching from the top 1% of stylists. In our assisting program, assistants have the opportunity to be the personal assistant of one of our advanced stylists and our owner, Amanda! Our team-based salon has many other benefits to it including health insurance coverage and much more. For more information call the salon at (801) 441-6666.