Taylor's Favorite Products

Taylor's Favorite Products

May 25, 2021

Check out 10 of Taylor's favorite products

1. Awapuhi Shampoo
My overall favorite. It has a great lather and goes the extra mile to keep your color fresh.

2. Forever Blonde Shampoo
My favorite for my blondies but is not only for blondes 🙀 if your hair gets tangly when it is wet, that means your hair is thirsting for protein! This shampoo is going to quench that thirst!

3. Lemon Sage Thickening Spray
My favorite for the girls who don’t like to feel product in their hair but do want some volume! You can use this at the roots or throughout the hair.

4. Lavender Mint Shampoo
Great for everyone who needs more moisture in their life! Also, a bonus if you love the smell of lavender. It is GOOOD!

5. Olaplex Bonding Oil
Great for taking out the stickiness from hairspray and for that extra health boost for your hair.

6. Fast Form
Fast form is your best friend while blow drying. It breaks up and pushes out the water molecules in the hair to help you get that dry QUICK! As a bonus, it has extracts of avacado oil to strengthen your hair.

7. Neuro Protect
My favorite thermal protectant to protect your hair from any smoothing irons, curling irons, crimpers etc. (everything but the blow dryer) so much breakage comes from iron damage. Yes, even one time matters.

8. Lavendar Mint Leave In Conditioning Spray
My favorite product to keep in my beach bag. It is the best to go for a quick surf sesh and immediately put that baby in to keep my hair from drying up in that chlorine or salt water!

9. Awapuhi No Blow Out Cream
Where my air dry girls at?? This is great to tame frizz while enjoying and enhancing your natural wave.

10. Paul Mitchell Smoothing
My favorite tool because it does EVERYTHING. If you are just getting started with your pro tool kit. This is where to start. It gives you straight, it gives you curl, it gives you wave, it gives you LIFE!
Fun facts about the smoothing iron:
-it heats up your hair from the inside out
-it is fully ceramic (that means it will never chip and pull your hair)
-it has heat control technology meaning, it will have an even heat throughout the plate. That means there won’t be hot spots and you won’t have to make multiple passes.

Bonus Favorite: Awapuhi Hydro Cream Whip
This is great for my thick hair ladies who want ultimate frizz control and volume. Just remember, with this guy, a little bit goes a LONG way. Less is more 💜