Why Do We Recommend Treatments?

Why Do We Recommend Treatments?

January 11, 2023

At the Amanda Moncur Salon, our first priority is always going to be the health of your hair.

At the Amanda Moncur Salon, our first priority is always going to be the health of your hair. Whether you’re just coming in for a quick trim, or you’re getting a full highlight and extension installation, this will always be our number-one priority. To that end, your stylist might recommend a deep-conditioning treatment for you. But why do we do that?

There are a number of reasons your stylist might ask if you’d like a deep conditioning treatment with your hair service. This week, we’re going to go through some of the different treatments we offer, and the reasons your stylist might recommend them.

1. Your hair, or the weather, is feeling dry.

Your stylist will usually touch your hair before starting a service, to evaluate its quality and how it feels. We’re checking for a few different things: First, we’re trying to determine how healthy your hair is, and if it needs anything specific to be healthier. This helps us decide what shampoo and conditioner to use in the wash house, what styling products to use once your hair is washed, as well as what treatment to recommend, if we recommend one. Second, we touch your hair to evaluate its current color, if we’re doing a color service, so we can best formulate which colors or lighteners to use to give you the results you’re wanting.

If your hair is feeling like it’s dry, your stylist will usually recommend some kind of deep conditioning treatment. The treatment we recommend is based on a few things: First, we’ll recommend the treatment we think will do the best with your hair, based on the level of dryness and your hair type. If you have very dry, fine hair, we’ll probably recommend a more light-weight deep conditioning treatment, so your hair doesn’t get weighed down, but still gets the benefits of the treatment, moisturizing your hair. If you have thick or curly hair that’s dry, we might recommend a heavier treatment that will pack the kind of punch your hair needs.

Second, we will take into consideration the budget that you have in mind for your hair that day. If we think the best treatment for your hair that day is the $160 treatment, but we know that you’re only wanting to spend $100 that day, we will recommend the next best thing that still fits into your budget.

Third, we will take into consideration the current weather. I know what you’re thinking: “What does the weather have to do with my hair?” Turns out, a lot! The recent humidity levels and temperature changes can have a drastic impact on your hair. Oftentimes, if we know there’s been a particularly dry week, or a recent change in climate, we’ll recommend a treatment to counteract this and prevent possible breakage!

2. We notice breakage in your hair.

Hairstylists are trained to know what breakage looks and feels like, and we can also usually determine the reason for the breakage based on what it looks like. We’ll usually recommend a treatment to repair and prevent damage based on the kind of breakage you have. Breakage happens to everyone, not just people that color or lighten their hair.

Breakage from blonding: Ah, yes, the age old dilemma; you want to be a bangin’ blonde, but it comes at a price! We all know lightening your hair causes chemical damage, which can lead to breakage. This is why it’s so important to have your hair lightened by a licensed professional who has a lot of blonding experience. Luckily, we have several blonding specialists at the Amanda Moncur Salon, so you’re in good hands. Most commonly, if you’re going lighter, we’ll recommend a bond-building treatment (such as B3 or Joico) to repair and prevent the damage caused by the lightening service. This kind of treatment will pack in the moisture, while also rebuilding the bonds that are naturally broken by the chemical process of highlighting your hair.

Breakage from mechanical damage: There are a lot of different ways your hair can be damaged. You can be doing your absolute best to keep your hair healthy, but might be damaging it without even noticing! The most common mechanical damage that we see in the salon comes from sleeping on wet hair, and not getting your hair cut frequently enough. Sleeping on wet hair can be very damaging, because your hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet. When you’re rolling around on your pillow all night with wet hair, this can cause breakage at almost every spot on your head, not just the ends. Similarly, when you go too long between haircuts, your fragile ends will break off and start to split up your hair shaft. For challenges like these, we will recommend a deep conditioning treatment that moisturizes and repairs, such as a Malibu Replenish Masque, a Brazilian Blowout Split-End Mender, or even our CBD 3-in-1 Molecular Mender. These treatments will help to seal down the split ends and breakage, and prevent future damage by providing a protective layer. The length of time this protection lasts depends on which treatment you get.

Here are some ways you can prevent mechanical damage: make sure your hair is 100% dry before going to bed, don’t brush your hair too harshly when it’s wet, sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase, be careful not to get your hair caught in your cross-body bag or seatbelt, use a silk or satin scrunchie if you need to tie up your hair, and be sure to get regular trims or haircuts!

3. You ask for a treatment!

Sometimes, you just want to be pampered! And we love that for you! We know that our wash house experience is second-to-none, and sometimes you want it to last a little longer so you can feel like the queen (or king) you are! When this is the case, we’ll make our recommendation for the exact same reasons as listed above: your hair’s quality, texture, type, and your budget.

Pampering yourself doesn’t always mean breaking the bank! We have plenty of budget-friendly treatment options that will still leave your hair feeling great after your appointment. Ask your stylist about our Lavender Mint Masque, which is made from French clay to remove toxins, or one of our many Malibu Masque treatments, which will infuse plenty of vitamins and minerals into your hair!

Or if you’re looking for something a little bougier, that will last long after you’ve left the salon, you can ask about one of our luxury treatments, such as the Brazilian Blowout Rewind, CBD Ultimate Experience, or Brazilian Blowout Express!

Whether your hair is begging for moisture, or you’re just looking for a nice, relaxing wash experience, we’ve got the recommendation for you! You can rest assured that your stylist is looking out for the health of your hair every time they make a recommendation, and you’re in good hands.

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