Hair Extensions

in south jordan

Hair extensions help to create the hair of your dreams! Consultations are complimentary and required to make sure that the AMS hair extension specialists can color match, determine how much hair and price quote you appropriately for your desired look. Hair extensions can be used to add fullness, length, fun colors, fill in layers, or color correct. Not every method is for every head of hair, each person may need a different method or multiple methods to be perfect for their hair. At AMS we pride ourselves on customization to create the best hair extensions for your hair. We use Bellami hair pro hair. It is 100% human hair and is Remy, meaning the hair cutile faces the same direction. Bellami hair is incredibly soft and shiny. Bellami offers multiple shades of hair, perfect for custom blending. Hair extension installation types offered: - K-tip or Keratin bond hair extensions - Tape in hair extensions - WBR or Waterfall Beaded row weft hair extensions - Beaded individual hair extensions

Note: Service pricing varies by stylist. For stylist pricing, see our team page!
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